Identification and expression profiling of Pht1 phosphate transporters in wheat in controlled environments and in the field

Phosphorus (P) is an important macronutrient with critical functions in plants. Phosphate (Pi) transporters, which mediate Pi acquisition and Pi translocation within the plant, are key factors in Pi deficiency responses. However, their relevance for adaptation to long‐term Pi limitation under agronomic conditions, particularly in wheat, remains unknown. Here, we describe the identification of the complete Pi transporter gene family (Pht1) in wheat (Triticum aestivum). Gene expression profiles were compared for hydroponic and field‐grown plant tissues of wheat at multiple development stages. Cis‐element analysis of selected Pht1 promoter regions was performed. A broad range of expression patterns of individual TaPht1 genes was observed in relation to tissue specificity and the nutrient supply in the soil or in liquid culture, as well as an influence of the experimental system. The expression patterns indicate the involvement of specific transporters in Pi uptake, and in Pi transport and remobilisation within the plant, at different growth developmental stages. Specifically, the influence of Pi nutrition indicates a complex regulatory pattern of TaPht1 gene transcript abundances as a response to low Pi availability in different culture systems, correlating with the existence of different cis‐acting promoter elements.

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