Antibodies raised against a Sunn bug ( Eurygaster integriceps Put.) recombinant protease, rGHP3p2, can inhibit gluten‐hydrolyzing activity

Sunn pest or Sunn bug, Eurygaster integriceps Put., salivary gland proteases are responsible for the deterioration of wheat flour quality during dough mixing, resulting from gluten hydrolysis. These proteases are highly heterogeneous and show low sensitivity to most types of proteinaceous inhibitors, meaning that such inhibitors cannot be used to prevent gluten damage. The present study describes the generation of a specific peptide antibody, raised against the active center of the recombinant gluten‐hydrolyzing protease (GHP3). The recombinant protein, encoding two repeats of the GHP3 sequence element involved in forming the S4 pocket and binding of substrate at position P4, was designed and expressed in Escherichia coli. The antibodies raised to this recombinant protein showed inhibitory activity against the GHP3 protease. The results indicate that it is possible to design specific antibodies to inhibit wheat‐bug gluten‐hydrolyzing proteases.

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