Spatial distribution of functional components in the starchy endosperm of wheat grains

The starchy endosperm of the mature wheat grain comprises three major cell types, namely sub-aleurone cells, prismatic cells and central cells, which differ in their contents of functional components: gluten proteins, starch, cell wall polysaccharides (dietary fibre) and lipids. Gradients are established during grain development but may be modified during grain maturation and are affected by plant nutrition, particularly nitrogen application, and environmental factors. Although the molecular controls of their formation are unknown, the high content of protein and low content of starch of sub-aleurone cells, compared to the other starchy endosperm cells types, may result from differences in developmental programming related to the cells having a separate origin (from anticlinal division of the aleurone cells). The gradients within the grain may be reflected in differences in the compositions of mill streams, particularly those streams enriched in the central and outer cells of the starchy endosperm, respectively, allowing the production of specialist flours for specific end uses.

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