CerealsDB: A Whistle-Stop Tour of an Open Access SNP Resource

The CerealsDB website, created by members of the Functional Genomics Group at the University of Bristol, provides access to a database containing SNP and genotyping data for hexaploid wheat and, to a lesser extent, its progenitors and several of its relatives. The site is principally aimed at plant breeders and research scientists who wish to obtain information regarding SNP markers; for example, obtain primers used for their identification or the sequences upon which they are based. The database underpinning the website contains circa one million putative varietal SNPs of which several hundreds of thousands have been experimentally validated on a range of common genotyping platforms. For each SNP marker, the site also hosts the allelic scores for thousands of elite wheat varieties, landrace cultivars, and wheat relatives. Tools are available to help negotiate and visualize the datasets. The website has been designed to be simple and straightforward to use and is completely open access.

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