High-Density SNP Genotyping Array for Hexaploid Wheat and Its Relatives

A lack of genetic diversity between wheat breeding lines has been recognized as a significant block to future yield increases. Wheat breeding and prebreeding strategies are increasingly using material from wheat ancestors or wild relatives to reintroduce diversity. Where molecular markers are polymorphic between the host and introgressed material, they may be used to track the size and location of the introgressed material through generations of backcrossing. To generate markers for this purpose, sequence capture targeted resequencing was carried out for a range of wheat varieties, wheat relatives, and wheat progenitors. From these sequences, putative SNPs were identified and used to generate the Axiom® Wheat HD array. A selection of varieties representing a selection of elite wheat breeding material, progenitor species, and wild relatives were used to validate the array. The procedures used are described here in detail.

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