Development of Wheat-Aegilops caudata Introgression Lines and Their Characterization Using Genome-Specific KASP Markers

Aegilops caudata L. [syn. Ae. markgrafii (Greuter) Hammer], is a diploid wild relative of wheat (2n = 2x = 14, CC) and a valuable source for new genetic diversity for wheat improvement. It has a variety of disease resistance factors along with tolerance for various abiotic stresses and can be used for wheat improvement through the generation of genome-wide introgressions resulting in different wheat–Ae. caudata recombinant lines. Here, we report the generation of nine such wheat–Ae. caudata recombinant lines which were characterized using wheat genome-specific KASP (Kompetitive Allele Specific PCR) markers and multi-color genomic in situ hybridization (mcGISH). Of these, six lines have stable homozygous introgressions from Ae. caudata and will be used for future trait analysis. Using cytological techniques and molecular marker analysis of the recombinant lines, 182 KASP markers were physically mapped onto the seven Ae. caudata chromosomes, of which 155 were polymorphic specifically with only one wheat subgenome. Comparative analysis of the physical positions of these markers in the Ae. caudata and wheat genomes confirmed that the former had chromosomal rearrangements with respect to wheat, as previously reported. These wheat–Ae. caudata recombinant lines and KASP markers are useful resources that can be used in breeding programs worldwide for wheat improvement. Additionally, the genome-specific KASP markers could prove to be a valuable tool for the rapid detection and marker-assisted selection of other Aegilops species in a wheat background.

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