Composition and content of phenolic acids and avenanthramides in commercial oat products: Are oats an important polyphenol source for consumers?

Oats contain a range of phenolic acids and avenanthramides which may have health benefits. Analysis of 22 commercial oat products (oat bran concentrate, oat bran, flaked oats, rolled oats and oatcakes) using HPLC-DAD detected eleven bound and thirteen free + conjugated phenolic acids and avenanthramides. The oat products (excluding concentrate) provided between 15.79 and 25.05 mg total phenolic acids (9.9–19.33 mg bound, 4.96–5.72 mg free + conjugated) and between 1.1 and 2 mg of avenanthramides in a 40 g portion while an 11 g portion of oat concentrate provided 16.7 mg of total phenolic acids (15.17 mg bound, 1.53 mg free + conjugated) and 1.2 mg of avenanthramides. The compositions and concentrations of the components in the different products were broadly similar, with the major component being ferulic acid (58–78.1%). The results show that commercial oat products are a source of phenolic acids and avenanthramides for consumers.

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