A robust KASP marker for selection of four pairs of linked leaf rust and stripe rust resistance genes introgressed on chromosome arm 5DS from different wheat genomes

Stripe rust and leaf rust are among the most devastating diseases of wheat, limiting its production globally. Wheat wild relatives harbour genetic diversity for new genes and alleles for all major wheat diseases. However, the use of this genetic variation from wild progenitor and non-progenitor species has been limited in the breeding programs. Reasons include limited recombination of donor and recipient genomes and the lack of tertiary gene pool markers. Here, we describe the development of a SNP based marker from the flow-sorted and sequenced Aegilops umbellulata chromosome 5U which can be used for marker assisted selection of four pair of alien leaf rust and stripe rust resistance genes. Lr57-Yr40_CAPS16 marker was reported earlier to be linked with alien leaf and stripe rust resistance genes introgressed on wheat chromosome 5DS. Due to its dominant nature and laborious to work with, a new SNP-based KASP marker, XTa5DS-2754099_kasp23, was developed from the same CAPS marker contig. XTa5DS-2754099_kasp23 was tested in Aegilops umbellulata, Ae. geniculata, Ae. peregrina and Ae. caudata derived alien introgression lines, which harbour four pairs of linked leaf and stripe rust genes; Lr76-Yr70, Lr57-Yr40, LrP- YrP, LrAc-YrAc, respectively. This KASP marker was found to be effective for the selection of the aforesaid four pairs of leaf rust and stripe rust resistance genes. Further, we tested and validated XTa5DS-2754099_kasp23 on commercial varieties and advanced breeding lines from four countries (India, Egypt, Australia and UK) including hexaploid and durum wheat. Our results provide evidence that KASP marker, XTa5DS-2754099_kasp23 can be used in marker-assisted selection of the four pairs of rust resistance alien genes in wheat breeding programmes.

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