Using 12Mb capture to profile the Watkins bread wheat landrace diversity collection

Wheat has been domesticated into a large number of agricultural environments and has a remarkable ability to adapt to diverse environments. To understand this process, we survey genotype and DNA methylation across the Watkins bread wheat landrace collection, representing global genetic diversity. For each accession, we use gene based sequence capture (12Mb) to focus on the functionally relevant portion of the genome, followed by paired end sequencing on the Hiseq4000. All Watkins accessions therefore have genotypic data available plus sequence data generated after bisulfite treatment to allow methylation calls. This project was supported by the BBSRC via an ERA-CAPS grant BB/N005104/1, BB/N005155/1 (L.G, A.H, MB), a BBSRC/DBT grant BB/L011786/1 (L.O.), IWYP project grant BB/N020871/1 (R.J) and BBSRC Designing Future Wheat BB/P016855/1 (A.H, M.H).

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